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Determination is key:our students need more of it

Life as a student can be tiring especially if its the same cycle over and over.You might already be looking for jobs without degree requirements on google.Honestly, I have done that too.I have been there and done that.The reason I say this is because when I go to school I feel like not everybody is giving their 100 percent.Why does this matter?Well in the small school I go to its important to have the entire class active or else the teacher downsizes the material to their level.I feel that when the entire class is giving their 100 percent I really learn more than when I don’t.My own determination comes from the family that urges me to continue studying because if I don’t my life will be full of back-breaking work.

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Why are students opinon ignored?

In my school, the number of students who attend is not satisfied with the way it is run.We are a small school and any complaint we have we share it amongst ourselves.The school is in our small town that doesn’t even have a proper store or any type of entertainment besides birthday parties.The only entertainment comes from our school’s FFA since we only have 1 club.However, in the past few days, the school board have wanted to get rid of FFA which could potentially get rid of the only good thing our school is known for.Our school has 110 students and more than half of them are in FFA so if they get rid it all of those students will be harmed.Most of them have invested money in FFA and applied for a scholarship but getting rid of it will affect them.I am also in FFA and have a fair share amount of happy experiences that I have made.I really thank its has helped me become more social and has kept my anxiety under control.When I found out that the 3 agriculture teachers and our math teacher were being fired I panicked because they wanted to do so many things for us.The other students at the school decided to make a petition but it was all for nothing since they didn’t bother listening to our arguments for the teachers.We found out that apparently they got fired only because the school board doesn’t like them and that made us even madder.The school board also wants to remove our school rallies because they want to maintain strict constant order.I think the petition was the reason why they want to do this because it all started after we became involved with the board.Today many students are thinking of walking out of school because they want their voices to be heard.I wonder if we will ever have a voice in that school since we don’t really have a voice.Will we ever be heard or will we be oppressed forever?I think students should have a voice in our education and not do everything the school board says.

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The new potential immigration proposal and what it means to dreamers

The new potential immigration proposal by president Donald Trump is a beneficial proposal for the Dreamers but it does need some changes.When I first heard that the president was going to offer a new proposal to Congress I was glad but actually, after ca examining the proposal I realized that it isn’t really beneficial for the families of dreamers.If you actually take some time to examine the proposal you will probably understand what I mean.The president said that he wants to provide a path to citizenship but he only wants dreamers to partake.Their families, on the other hand, will not be able to gain legal status as the president wants to limit family immigration, which the president has referred to as “chain migration.”Also, the proposal will offer a path to citizenship but it will have a ten-year wait.Moreover, the ten year wait for the dreamers already here will feel like a long time.During that time many things can happen to those Dreamers who could be wrongfully deported or deprived of job opportunities.I think this proposal could work but Congress should add changes to it.However, I personally do not think the Democrats will agree to this proposal at all.Why?I think the Democrats won’t approve this proposal because they need votes.The Republicans might also not agree with the proposal either.In the end, I do hope this proposal gets accepted but we do need to add some changes.I do think we should give the families of the dreamers a chance to stay here legally.

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2017 The year of the South Korean group,BTS

BTS also known as Bangtan and the Bulletproof Boy Scouts has been the talk of the town in the U.S.They have collected many fans through the years from many countries and has finally gotten recognition in the U.S.They won a Billboard award for social 50 Year-end chart and fans staked out at the billboards to catch a glimpse of them.They also performed their hit “DNA” at the AMA’s and gave interviews to the American media.I have been a fan of them since 2016 when they were still doing the wings trilogy tour.My kpop loving friend had tried to get me into kpop before but I wasn’t interested that much.However, something about BTS made me want to know about them more.I started to become more intrigued with them and watched their music videos.I also enjoyed watching their youtube videos on their official youtube channel.I think that the reason I liked them was because they were humble to their fans and talked about mental issues.They put many of their experiences into their songs and created awareness to serious things like mental issues.Suga a member of BTS was going through depression in 2014 and when I found out I couldn’t help but relate to him.Jin is a lot like my mom, he is caring for the BTS members because he cooks for them.Namjoon is the caring leader of BTS and is so smart he passed the mock college entrance exam in his country.Jimin is the cute guy that used to starve himself because he wanted to become slimmer.Jhope is my hope because he always doubted himself but ended up loving himself more.Jungkook is the youngest member who has really big dreams.Taehyung is the guy I really relate to because we are extraordinary people who love to show kindness to everyone.BTS has taught me that everyone has their problems but we should believe that someday we will find our place in the world.I would watch their videos because they were funny but they also helped me cope with my reality.The  reason why I started to like BTS was because whenever I was feeling down .Now with BTS being recognized in America makes me really glad and I hope many more people can come to enjoy their music as well.

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What is it like being an immigrant in another country?

When I was little I had a hard time connecting with people and making friends.While in kindergarten I felt alienated from the other kids because I couldn’t speak their language.I had lived in Mexico before and was brought to the U.S when I was 5 so I brought my native language with me.The other kids thought I was quiet because I was a cold person but I was scared to say anything since I couldn’t speak their language.They thought I was just like them because I was light-skinned and I had similar features like them.My kindergarten teacher Mrs.Werst saw that I was struggling and asked me if I wanted to say in to learn English.I told her that I did want to learn so I stayed in and went through the basics of English.Pretty soon I learned how to speak English but I didn’t have the courage to ask the other kids to play.My teacher asked two girls Marina and Alexia to play with me and soon we became fast friends.Fast forward a few years later when I was about to enter middle I was the best student in English and wrote many stories that students liked to read at school.I excelled in English but as I gradually forgot where I came from.I didn’t know how to put proper Spanish words together and spoke in what my mom called “Spanglish” at home.When I was asked where I was born I told them that I was born here in America.However, inside my heart, I knew that this wasn’t true but I didn’t want to be alienated from everyone else who was born here.I did feel like this was my country since this was the place that watched me grow up but I also felt like I didn’t belong.It didn’t help that the Spanish news that my mom watched talked about immigration every day either.I heard from many interviews of young teenagers like me who were brought to this country that were deported to their home country and had to adjust living there.I thought that I too could get deported if I did something wrong and fear began to build up inside me.I also saw many gruesome acts of immigrants who were killed and called names.My little self in those moments of despair saw a world of destruction and it scared me that my family would get separated or worse.I think that to escape this world of destruction I began to enclose myself by daydreaming and studying harder than ever.I would go to school and come straight home rarely going out.I began studying more because my mom said I had to go to a university because I had the opportunity to go.I studied hard sometimes through the night because I have a hard time remembering class material for some classes like math.I cried to myself when I did horrible because it felt like I let my parents down.Many of my friends have seen me cry but they don’t know why because I never told them.I have been called cold-hearted for not going out more and for not going out drinking with people.I have an amazing group of friends but not even they know I don’t go out as much because of fear.I feel jealous of them because during Christmas break they get to travel to Mexico to see their relatives but I can’t.Most of them tell me that traveling is boring but I would prefer to be able to travel out of the country like them.My parents have decided to not let fear control us and have taken us to places in the state but I have never when outside of the country I live in.With this new change of politics I have felt that more fear has been driven in my mind.With the end of DACA, I have absolutely have nothing to look forward to.I know my life story may bore you guys to death but I need to share it so I can get my voice heard.I also want to say that we need a better system of legalization for immigrants.Thanks for reading this and thank you for giving me support.I also want to add that I will continue to write and update my blog regularly starting 2018.

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Shooting in local Walmart in Colorado

Today November 1 has seen another shooting this time at a local Walmart.Two men were left dead after a shooting walmart had occured in a local Walmart in 9901 Grant St. in Thornton.An adult woman was rushed to the hospital following the event that unfolded there.Many hundreds of emergency responders ringed the Town center after a tweet by the Thornton police was posted on twitter at 6:30 pm.About an hour later the police departed tweeted “at this time it is not an active shooter”.People who had been in the walmart rushed outside running away from it as far as they could.Many were obviously shaken up as they looked at the walmart waiting for news of loved ones.

According to Denver post,a customer by the name Brandon Bonney said he received a call from his brother, Edward, from inside the store. “Bro, I’m inside Walmart, and there’s a shooting here,” he said.

Police warned the people to say as far as they could from the area and tweeted”Shooting just occurred at Walmart, 9900 Grant St, multiple parties down. Please stay away from the area.”The streets going to the Walmart were blocked and police were armed at the intersections.

In these types of situations all we can do is go to safety and pray but we also need to help others out.

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What I learned about our society

I am not experienced in life but I know our society is going through pain.Panic has always been around and I am not naive to say that it hasn’t. Since recent events that have unfolded such as the Las Vegas shooting many have turned to fear and worry.What happened in Las Vegas was a tragedy but we also need to move on.Every day more news articles are posted good and bad news are shown.However many of us like to focus on the bad things instead of the good things.We are constantly aware of the bad things happening which is not really a bad thing but we also need to worry on the good things.In fact,our panic has lead many of us to blame our society in general but we also need to ask ourselves if this is really the right way.Many blame Muslims for terrorism but do we really need to blame all of them for deeds done by individuals who are terrorists.Anyone is capable of doing terrible acts but we usually blame individuals who have been stereo-typically put into categories. Please take this into consideration next time you judge individuals we all need a fair opportunity.Also try to be aware good and bad happens in our world.